Castlevania Judgement will have werewolf on vampire action

We may be worried about how the Castlevania series will turn out as a fighter with Judgment, but fans have to admit that the roster alone may make this one a rental at the least. The latest announcements include Grant Danasty (the thief) and Sypha Belnades (the witch from Dracula’s Curse), as well as personal favorite Cornell from Legacy of Darkness.

Cornell’s story has often been written off of the official Castlevania timelines as a side story. Cornell is a werewolf trying to save his adoptive sister, Ada, from being sacrificed to raise Dracula. His adventure and rescue cost him his ability in the end, which is really what Dracula wanted from the beginning, using his power to be resurrected.

The timeframe in Judgment will be interesting, if there is really much of a story. For this game Cornell will be trapped in his wolf form and unable to change back. Sypha, who eventually marries Trevor Belmont, will appear as she did before they met and were married.

Here is the rest of the roster so far:

  • Dracula
  • Simon Belmont
  • Death
  • Trevor Belmont
  • Alucard
  • Maria Renard
  • Carmilla
  • Shanoa
  • Aeon
  • Golem

Even if the gameplay doesn’t get tweaked enough to make it a great fighting game, Konami can still make it a good game with a much expanded roster. There are plenty of characters to choose from — we’re still waiting for some good news on Juste or Leon Belmont, Soma and maybe Johnathan Morris, but with the game due out this month we can only hope they surprise us.