Jeremy Lynch tries for Guinness Record on behalf of DS game

Marketers in the videogame world pull some crazy stunts to get their game’s name in people’s heads. Regular premiers and launching parties just aren’t enough for our industry. No, in the past they have created an entire fictional line of games in marketing Matt Hazard, decapitated a goat for God of War II, and even being able to play as Barack Obama and Sarah Palin in Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. These are just a few examples to go with yet another marketing stunt.

Football freestyling star Jeremy Lynch, recently seen on Britain’s Got Talent, will attempt to break three Guinness World Records later this November. This is the first time Lynch has attempted a Guinness Record and now he’ll be going for spinning a football on his head (duration), the longest time controlling a football with the soles and for the most football rolls across the forehead. Lynch is doing this as the marketing face for Pinnacle’s new Football Director DS.

Football Director DSis the first football management sim for the DS, featuring each of the 92 English & Welsh Football League and Premier League teams and draws on a roster of over 3,800 players from other leagues worldwide. Lynch will be promoting the game with “Total Control” skill tutorial videos as well as a plethora of coming ad campaigns. In response to the coming Guinness Records challenge, which will be broadcast on TV, Lynch said, “I am excited that I get to show off my skills in support of a great game.”