Left 4 Dead demo eats your face tomorrow

You may already know this, but we love us some zombies. We love them soooo much, that anything remotely related to the undead will be posted. We know, this might be a little much, but it is done in the interest of public safety. You’ll thank us when you are ready for the inevitable zombie invasion. So in interest of continuing this policy, we bring you news that a demo of Valve’s zombirefic (BAM, hit you with another new word) game, Left 4 Dead, will be hitting the PC and Xbox 360 tomorrow. Well, that’s if you have pre-ordered the game through GameStop or the Steam service. For those that did, the demo will be released 2 am PST. Don’t worry though, for all of you who didn’t pre-order, the demo will be released worldwide Nov. 11 and will remain available until the game’s launch in North America and on Steam on Nov. 18.