UK game sales to eclipse music and video in 2008?

According to a report from Verdict Research (via the BBC), UK sales of games will exceed music and video for the first time in 2008. By the end of the year the retail analysts are expecting spending on videogames to have rocketed by 42%, to £4.64bn. Comparatively, sales of music and video has only scraped together a lowly, meager £4.46bn. Poor souls.

The report goes on to state that over the past five years music and video sales have plateaued, whilst the videogame market has doubled in value. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo gets a mention for broadening the appeal of the medium, whilst big hitters such as GTA IV and FIFA 08/09 rake in the cash from the core crowd. As a result, retailers such as HMV are responding by dedicating more and more shelf space to games, and less to CDs and DVDs.

But all these lovely numbers may not be telling the whole story. “There is no doubt that the games sector is having a fantastic year… but these figures overstate that by including games hardware,” says Steve Redmond of the Entertainment Retailers Association. “Our prediction is that games will overtake video by the end of this year,” says Redmond, “but not music and video combined.” Oh well, there’s always next year.