Behold the Flying Ace

This kind of game is for everyone: the older crowd who loved Peanuts growing up and still enjoy Snoopy flashbacks as well as younger audiences that enjoy the more lighthearted gameplay and, of course, Peanuts.

Don’t confuse Snoopy WWI Flying Ace with the previously released Snoopy vs. the Red Baron for PC, PS2 and PSP. Red Baron is very similar to what we see here, but now there are some great looking platforming stages and everything has been taken up a few steps with better graphics and less cartoony explosions and action. We’re not sure yet what system this game is for and the website only features the video and the fact that its coming soon. Gametrailers currently has this listed with a Q1 2010 release date and that it is being developed by Smart Bomb Interactive who also made Red Baron.

Using their first game as a guide, we expect solid aerial combat, co-op missions and classic Peanuts humor featuring the whole gang in Snoopy’s Flying Ace fantasy.