Konami shows strong sales on Sony systems

In the videogame industry today, finding a publisher that has undying allegiance to one of the big three (re: exclusives) is like hitting the lottery. But if you look at the sales charts recently released by Konami, there still may be hope for publishers staying devoted to one company.

While Konami is known for spreading their games out on every console available, in 2007 58% of their game sales were achieved on a PlayStation console. Things got better in 2008 as 67% of Konami’s sales were achieved on a Sony console. Now of course you have to take into account that Metal Gear Solid 4, which was a top seller for the company this year, helps those numbers out quite a bit, but even still the volume of sales on Sony systems versus non-Sony systems is pretty amazing.

What’s even more jaw dropping is the fact that in the handheld realm Konami has sold 11% of its games released this year, on both the DS and PSP. Given the fact that the total worldwide sales numbers of the Nintendo DS trump those of Sony’s PSP, that’s not bad.

Now let’s just imagine, if they seriously released MGS4 for Xbox 360. I’d bet they would make a pretty penny to go along with all that sweet currency they’re already getting. But when looking at the success the game has found on the PS3, it sheds some light as to why they might not want to share the wealth with its direct competition.