Launch trailer shows World at War, and also on fire

After seeing this trailer, I think “flame tank” has claimed the top spot on my Christmas wish list!

If the Xbox LIVE open beta has failed to whet your appetite for hot, flamethrower on flamethrower action, you can now feast your eyes on the launch trailer for Activision’s latest addition to the COD ranks, Call of Duty: World at War, which is chock full of tasty slow-motion mayhem.

Unfortunately, Call of Duty suffers from the dreaded Star Trek Movie Curse, with a history of disappointing odd-numbered installments, but even though this looks a whole lot like Call of Duty 4 with weapons and battles doing the time warp agaaaaain!, we have high hopes – how can it not be good with a four player co-op Nazi Zombocalypse mode, unlocked after completing the main campaign?

If wanting to obliterate the recently reanimated corpses of the Third Reich in a flame tank is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.