Mirror’s Edge is now red and gold, 12 hours long

The 10,000 of you that applied for the Time Trial code but didn’t get it shouldn’t need to be anxious much longer, as DICE today announced that Mirror’s Edge has gone gold — just in time for the Nov. 11 (North America) and Nov. 14 (Europe) release dates.

Also released is a launch trailer showing what seems to be the tutorial from the game where you can watch how the acrobatics look like from a different view than first-person. It also contains some rather neat comments from various reviews. Official Xbox Magazine called the game “poetry in motion” and that kind of says it all. It actually reminds me of one of my homemade drinks called “Metro in potion” which is so strong it feels like a freight train slams into your head.

Manuel Llanes, a producer at DICE, has also spoken about the length of the game’s story in a recent interview, saying the team aimed at the 12 hour mark. That seems reasonable enough as even though the story probably won’t change no matter how we play, we can take different running paths.