Still waiting for your free Rock Band 2 songs? Keep waiting.

The twenty free downloadable songs that Harmonix promised to purchasers of Rock Band 2 are coming. Soon. Maybe. Harmonix’s Sean Baptiste announced on the game’s official forums that the release of the songs from rising artists are going to leave us chanting in the stands a little longer. We’re back to being the groupies right now, not the rockers, which means gettin’ packed into the dirty press of flesh, feet hurting and ears ringing by the time the band finally stumbles out for one song before apologizing, citing heat stroke and retiring to the tour bus. But we still gotta clap, people, because the tickets were fuckin’ free.

“We have hit an unexpected delay with getting the content online with Microsoft and are working diligently with them to get that resolved,” he writes. “We have suspended sending out the token codes until the content becomes available. Sending out the codes before the content is live will just result in more confusion. We hope to have this resolved in the next 24 hours and apologize profusely for the delay.”

This goes for both Xbox 360 and PS3, which even without free downloable songs should still have a few choice tracks to keep you rockin’ and rollin’ until these code issues are resolved.