Atari ain’t afraid of no ghosts

No word yet on Brütal Legend, but fellow Activision orphan Ghostbusters has found a loving home with Atari — the producer announced today that it would be picking up the proton packin’ title formerly licensed to Vivendi, whose merger with Activision left Ghostbusters, among several other titles, begging for scraps on the streets.

The ectoplasmic epic, to be released on all platforms to coincide with next year’s 25th anniversary of the original movie, promises to be the most thrilling Ghostbusters experience you can have “short of building your own proton pack.” Judging by the screenshots, it looks authentic. And awesome. Authentically awesome. It will certainly sound authentically awesome, with all four members of the original ghost bustin’ team — Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis — having granted their voice and likeness rights to the game. Also, Annie Potts!

Until the Designing Women game we’ve long lobbied for gets made, this will have to tide us over.