Hey man, wanna score some sweet games?

Is it wrong that my first thought isn’t that this kid’s an addict, but rather “Wow, where can I get my hands on the game he’s playing, ’cause it looks awesome!””

Though videogame violence has been hogging the spotlight lately, PS3 Attitude has an interesting article up on that other media darling – videogame addiction. I’ve always shrugged off news reports on either of these topics because 1.) it’s mostly sensationalist bullshit and 2.) when it’s not sensationalist bullshit, it devolves into an Escher-esque nature vs. nurture debate that could go on forever, and quite frankly, that’s time better spent gaming! But seriously, I would love to know the true medical definition of a “gaming addict” before my mom has my little brother bundled into an unmarked van the next time he fires up Steam before getting to those dirty dishes.

According to the Byron Report, true “gaming addicts” are not nearly as common as people think. The media throws it out indiscriminately, using it to describe any excessive behavior, but you need to meet certain criteria in order to be considered a real game-junkie.

So, are you an addict?