OneDotZero Adventures in Motion

UK readers may be interested to know that the OneDotZero ‘Adventures in Motion’ event is running at London’s BFI Southbank next weekend, Nov. 14-16. The event is a showcase for cutting-edge motion entertainment, a festival of the most innovative of visual artists. Of course, we wouldn’t be talking about it if our favourite hobby didn’t feature, so you’ll be glad to know that there will be some stunning environmental design and character animation on display. Stick that in your ‘games aren’t art’ pipe!

The crammed program promises “a tantalising mix of the brightest up-and-coming talents alongside world-leading creative luminaries; an international array of creators who stretch ideas of motion entertainment, where code clashes with hand crafted, street art tussles with technology and new modes of storytelling are unleashed from the small screen to the BFI IMAX.”

Of particular interest to TVGB readers are the compilation programmes. wow + flutter 08 will showcase character animation, terrain 08 features imagined environments and cityscapes, and extended play will be showing extended versions of the gorgeous animated sections from Heavenly Sword.