Treyarch has toppled Infinity Ward, says PSW

Apparently a lot of people are expecting Call of Duty: World at War to be one of the top shooters this year. But one reviewer who has already played the whole game to completion, is putting the game on a pretty high pedestal. In a review from Playstation World Magazine, Call of Duty: World At War has been awarded a perfect score of 10/10. The magazine makes a pretty bold statement claiming that World at War is in fact better than Call of Dyty 4: Modern Warfare, stating: “Modern Warfare was pretty much the best game on PS3 for the last year. So to hold the position that it’s sequel, World At War, is a better game, is surely to stir up some controversy. That’s right, Treyarch has toppled Infinity Ward.

The official review will not be available until the magazine drops later this month, but based on what has been said so far, we’re sure it can’t be anything but all good for Activision’s latest.