True Life: I’m a fanboy

If there is one thing MTV is known for now, it’s the fact that they don’t play any music. It is also a fact that they have a host of reality-based television shows. One of those shows (the more tolerable ones) is the True Life series. The series is one that focuses on individual stories of many different people, and presents them in a mini-documentary. True Life has showcased everything from athletes to drug users, and now it’s time for the nerd crowd. MTV is partnering with New York ComicCon to cast “fanboys” (or girls) to be featured on the True Life show. They’re looking for people between the age of 16-28, who..well..engage in the geek culture.

The NYCC website is hosting a sign up sheet for all those interested. The sheet is prefaced with a variety of questions that specify exactly who they are looking for. My favorite being: “Have you ever been told to ‘grow up’ by someone important to you?” Yeah MTV, I have, every time a friend catches me watching Tila Tequila. Hopefully we’ll get to see the nerd culture portrayed in a proper way. I don’t want to see a 80’s portrayal of the geek-culture all over again.