Brash Entertainment takes one for the team

Well, now we can add another casualty to the videogame industry. Brash Entertainment, a videogame publisher specializing in movie tie-in games, has laid off 20 staffers and is struggling to stay afloat. Variety’s The Cut Scene blog reports that the publisher has had a wealth of other problems as well and that it had temporarily stopped paying its developers. They are also in talks with multiple studios, hoping to return bought licenses or sell them to new buyers.

What is more interesting is that Brash seemed to be on level footing. Just last summer it had announced it had raised $400 million its first round of financing. Apparently though , only a partial amount of that money had been available and the rest has dried up in the wake of the financial crisis. The good news? There isn’t going to be another Superman game. The publisher has a long list of titles that are now in limbo. One of which was a Superman game to be headed by Rouge Squadron developer, Factor 5. However, you can still look forward to Six Flags Fun Park and Saw, the latter being based off the popular horror franchise.