First Mirror’s Edge reviews rolling in

With Mirror’s Edge recently reaching gold status and currently free-running its way to a store near you, it’s only natural that reviews would start popping up. And the thorough game-news-getters we are, we’ve put aside our crippling cases of vertigo and acrophobia to bound across the dizzying highs and sickening lows of the Web to bring you the early word (i.e., we visited Metacritic).

According to Offical Xbox Magazine‘s glowing review, “the most extraordinary accomplishment of Mirror’s Edge is the way it utterly immerses you in the experience of free-running — you viscerally feel the thrill of flowing gracefully over rooftops and around obstacles.” Gameplayer‘s praise is a bit more reserved: they tout the game’s innovative style and originality, but take issue with the trial-and-error style of gameplay that the more difficult sections demand.

Despite some nitpicks, the reviews all agree that Mirror’s Edge is an exciting new IP, deserving the attention of all serious gamers. So quit pouting, Faith — we’ll be leaping with you soon.