Say goodbye to keyboards?

Everyone remember the movie Minority Report? You know, the one where Tom Cruise loses his eyes and hunts down a psychic goo-loving child. No? Well that wasn’t the important part of the movie anyways. What was important was the computer he used. What made this computer interesting–besides the fact that it wasn’t a Macbook– was how Cruise interacted with it. Instead of using a traditional keyboard or touchscreen, Cruise simply waved his hands about to interact with the screen. Suffice to say, it looked insanely cool and I immediately wanted one.

Apparently I didn’t have to wait long. A start-up company, Mgestyk Technologies, claims that they have developed an affordable Minority Report-like PC control. They even have a video of them controlling games, and various applications (above). Now I’m all for swiping my hands in a cool fashion to surf the net, but playing a game looks kind of dumb. Actually let me reword that, it makes you look like a total idiot. Call me a traditionalist, but I like my controller. I don’t really need to wave my hand around to headshot some noobs on Call of Duty. Then again, I could be wrong. Anyone see potential for this technology in the world of videogames?