Confirmed / Lara Croft gets around

Many, many interesting things came out of our upcoming interview with Sam Guilloud of D3, who is working on Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard. We talked about the game, what Matt’s been doing with his life since his downfall and tons of other stuff. However, the question hot on our minds popped up in a recent interview clip with Hazard in which he claims to have not only bedded, but also been the cause of an unnamed English female who raids tombs’ current success. Our crack reporters and top scientists used logic to deduce that he was discussing none other than Lara Croft. We had to find out just what getting it on with her was like.

When asked if Hazard have ever mentioned this to him Guilloud replied with, “Please, that chick has been around the block and back more times than I can count. Who hasn’t had a piece of her? Matt just likes to claim that he was the first.” While it should be noted that no actual confirmation on “that chick” being Lara Croft was given, it’s hard to imagine who else it could be. So there we have it, confirmation of a sort that Lara Croft is a total slut between games. One has to wonder if Duke Nukem has “been there” and “done that,” because if that is the case, Croft needs to know that she may have contracted some very serious diseases that can put her out of commission for over ten years.

Our full interview with Guilloud will be published later today. Stay tuned.