Flash pioneer releases a decade of independent gaming goodness

Indie developer Edmund McMillen is bundling 10 years of gaming goodness onto a CD entitled This Is A Cry For Help, and it’s going for the economic free fall-friendly price of just ten bucks. That’s a dollar per year of innovative, groundbreaking games from the genius behind Aether, Gish, and Tri-acnid.

There’s a trailer up at his official website detailing the 17+ games on the disc, including ones I love (like Twin Hobo Rocket) and ones I love to hate (like The C Word). Offensive or hilarious, his games provoke and inspire just as true works of art should. And speaking of art, in addition to the oodles of goodies like game prototypes, unreleased levels, and interactive animations, This Is A Cry For Help will include more than 450 pages of hand drawn comics.

Find nine other people who like cool games and even cooler artwork, and you can get ’em wholesale – you’d be losing money not to get this!