The first 15 minutes of Left 4 Dead has zombies in it

Are you sitting around wishing it was tomorrow so you can play the Left 4 Dead demo and get your zombie massacre on? Nothing to do while you wait? Well why not ruin the experience of popping the game in for the first time by watching the first 15 minutes of the game in the video above? I’m of the opinion that the over saturation of gaming news and information is not always a good thing (yes, I’m aware of the irony of writing this on a gaming blog) and that videos like this take away that excitement. Remember when you were a kid and you popped a cartridge in for the first time? Just seeing a new title screen got us excited, now if we haven’t seen half the game by release it’s because the game stinks too much to show off that much.

Why then are we sharing this video with you. Well we know everyone doesn’t share my opinion, and we also know that people are rabid for Left 4 Dead information. Thus, putting those two things together, we bring you the information you may or may not be dieing for. See, even when I’m being curmudgeony I can make a bad pun.