Beyonce wont fly without Xbox, PSP

Divas and their delightfully delirious demands have always been a source of great amusement (with a dash of envy) for the more grounded among us. Well pop superstar and actress Beyonce Knowles has proved that despite her own humble upbringing she’s no exception to that rule. On a recent flight to Monaco in Europe for the World Music Awards the singer allegedly refused to fly without her Xbox and PSP (presumably to play Gears of War 2 and Fifa 09).

This is a great little bit of celebrity endorsement for Sony and Microsoft. If nothing else, the whole silly affair does nothing but raise the desirability and status of the two devices. An anonymous source told that “She also wanted 14 seats, including two for herself. And staff were told to give her whatever she wanted – including an Xbox, PSP, Jacuzzi and a pizza.”