Chrono Trigger DS – same game, different ending

While there were a ton of fans happy at the announcement of a Chrono Trigger re-release for the DS, there were still some who wanted a little bit more out of the game. And it seems that Square Enix has answered the call as Famitsu reports that the upcoming Chrono Trigger DS will have some new goodies when it ships.

Sure, we already know about the extra dungeon and wireless multiplayer mode, but there are some additional goodies as well. One of the newly announced features will come in the way of a new character mode, which will let players view event scenes, music tracks, monster data, and a treasure map. The other added bonus will come in the form of a brand new ending.

Not sure if these features alone will win the dollars of gamers, but surely this news has to satisfy some of the masses who were screaming for more.