Fable II getting “big announcement” next week

If you feel like your work in the land of Albion isn’t finished — or maybe you have yet to take the plunge — Lionhead is teasing on their devblog a little something-something that may get you all hot and bothered regarding Fable II. What is it exactly? Ummmmm, well, that’s a good question. It’s something “big” though. Not the movie with Tom Hanks, although that would be kind of amazing.

From the blog: “…in this day and age where a gazillion titles are asking for your attention, I felt it might be the right thing to do on the blog. We’ve got some good news for all Fable II fans next week, dare I even say it’s quite a big announcement? Yes of course I dare say it’s a big announcement regarding Fable II, next week!”

Anybody want to take a guess what the hooplah is about? Winner gets an oven mitt and a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.