Faking the Band 2 – Colour, shape and so on [Nov. 11]

Faking the Band 2 is a weekly feature detailing the latest in DLC for Rock Band 2 and GH World Tour.

Three down, three to go, gamers. Today’s Rock Band 2 DLC offering, the Foo Fighters’ sophomore record The Colour and the Shape, marks the halfway point in the parade of full albums promised back in September. Only Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jane’s Addiction and No Doubt remain, though the content train certainly shows no sign of stopping. Who’s driving this wonderful little locomotive? They must be high on cocaine, and it goes without saying that they better watch their speed.

Enough Grateful Dead references! Onto the new tracks. The Colour and the Shape was the first official Foo Fighters album, as the absurdly talented frontman Dave Grohl recorded the first one single-handedly. It’s essentially a concept album, a loose musical interpretation of the beginnings and end of a romance. Ironically, Grohl and photographer Jennifer Youngblood, his wife at the time, divorced in the course of making the record.

Rhythm gamers should already know about the album’s quality and vigor, since the track “Everlong” was included on the Rock Band 2 disc and was used in just about every advertisement and publicity event for the game. But that’s not the only familiar song here. After all, a cover of “Monkey Wrench” appeared on ye olde Guitar Hero II. As with the entire Foo Fighters catalogue, The Colour and the Shape is filled with rhythmic guitar work, highly melodic sections and shifts between softer verses and harder, louder choruses that are reminiscent of the Pixies.

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The Foo Fighters – The Colour and the Shape

[160 MS points per song / 1600 for full album / all masters]