Hudson announces three games for WiiWare

If there is one thing Hudson does well it’s budget games. Bomberman on all three systems is a great example of this, and yes, Bomberman is a budget game. So when they hit us up with a trifecta of WiiWare games we got a little glimmer of hope for each one of them. The most promising of the three is Snowboard Riot in which players will take on the role of, you guessed it, a snowboarder. Players will race down courses to the finish like in other snowboarding games, but this time they’ve got weapons like bullets and missiles. You heard us right, it’s Road Rash on a snowboard. Also making the game more intriguing is the option to use the Wii Balance Board and online play and upgradable elements. If nothing else Snowboard Riot should be a sure hit for the extreme snowboarding, R.P.G loving crowd.

While Snowboard Riot seems to be the big game out of the three the other two may be pleasing too, or they could be just more shovelware. The first of the other two is Pit Crew Panic in which the Wii Remote will allow players to act as a pit crew for race cars and other things that need repairing really quickly. The motion controls will act as your tools. The focus seems to be on multiplayer gaming, though there isn’t any online support. The second game is Pool Revolution: Cue Sports. Yet another pool game on the Wii is something that is hard to get excited about, but who knows, maybe Hudson is really going to deliver something out of the ordinary here. Out of the ordinary enough to supplant shooting missiles while snowboarding? I seriously doubt it.

No word on prices or release dates.