LittleBigPlanet levels getting deleted due to copyright infringement

When LittleBigPlanet was first announced, the fact that gamers would be able to share their platforming user-created goodness had many excited at the unlimited possibilities that entailed. But it appears that Media Molecule is scaling back the ‘unlimited possibilities’ in terms of created content due to copyright issues.

In a letter sent to Kotaku, one of their readers named Robbie M gave some insight into what was happening, “So many cases have no questionable content in sight, even ones with humorous light hearted violence have been taken down, like the popular GoW Demon Skull level.”

Media Molecule isn’t just taking the levels down and modding them, they are deleting them from existence.

It’s not just Robbie M who has had this misfortune, as others have taken to the LittleBigWorkshop forums and started venting. One user had this to say, “By the trend I see from the levels I can no longer play from my recent levels on my planet, its all about copyright. Some levels I’ve seen now unplayable due to moderation: Pacman, Batman, and Scrubs related level.”

This of course has many LittleBigPlanet gamers in a tizzy. Summed-up best by Robbie M, “Whats the point of having a community driven game if you’re not going to let your community do anything with it in an act to try and please everybody?”

There you have it, fair warning before you decide to upload your created homage to Super Mario Bros. Media Molecule is not having it, so tread carefully.