New Underworld vids, interactive website launches

Eidos has graced us with yet another two new videos from Tomb Raider: Underworld, one of the few remaining ‘zomg-it’s-almost-here’ titles we have to look forward to this year. The first video is the eighth vignette we’ve seen released (above) and shows Lara taking down a bunch of bad guy sailors on a freighter. It’s all fun and games until someone hits one of gaming’s biggest celebrities, the explosive barrel, causing the ship to start sinking and forcing Lara to haul it and find the artifact she’s after before going under.

The second one is the fourth video in the Beneath the Surface feature series (below) where we once again see creative director Eric Lindstrom, lead artist Dan Neuburger, and lead designer Harley White-Wiedow from Crystal Dynamics chatting up the game. This time the focus is put on the environments, how their goal was to make the environments interact with the player to a point where the entire world can be looked at as a puzzle, and how things like the grapple and Lara’s bike have been adjusted to make better use of the environments.

Eidos has also launched an “experimental” Underworld experience site that gives a little interactive glimpse of the different locations we’ll find in the game. The site consists of in-game footage and requires the viewer to smash some buttons on their keyboard at key spots to help Lara safely to her destination, unlocking “exclusive items” along the way. Playing the available demo is of course much more enjoyable, but hey, if you’re a PS3 gamer, or just dig unlockable stuff, it’s something to check out.