Not just any old Street Fighter 2: HD trailer

We can hear you thinking it now, “Yawn, another trailer for HD Remix. I’ve seen a load of them.” We forgive you for it, we really do. But you are wrong. So very, very wrong. You see, this isn’t just any old trailer, my friend. Sure, it’s got gameplay footage of Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo HD Remix in it, we’ve seen that before. It’s got anime sequences by Udon in it too, we’ve also seen that. But this one has the theme from The Karate Kid in it, THE THEME FROM KARATE KID! We defy you to watch this trailer without smiling.

Seems like the 80’s references are gathering pace these days, what with Back to the Future Deloreans turning up in Burnout Paradise. All we need now is some Teen Wolf-van surfing DLC for Skate, and all our childhood dreams will have come true.