BE the board in Touchgrind

The iPhone gaming scene is a strange one. On one hand you have a crop of super-casual games that are made to be played in short bursts, which is a perfect fit for an uber-mobile platform like a phone. Then on the other hand you have a ton of games that are trying to be so much more than what is expected of them, which is very admirable, but not all that realistic. Lastly, you have a select few promising titles that were just MADE to be played on a touch-sensitive platform. One of those games is Illusion Labs’ physics-based skateboard romp Touchgrind. Our first impression of Touchgrind was that it could be dismissed as a glorified tech demo, but the more we hear and see, the more we think it could really be something special. As you can see from the video above, the game is played entirely with two fingers which act as the legs and feet of your virtual skater. A very realistic physics system helps to give the game a certain “just play around with it for 12 hours” appeal that we can’t wait to try out. What do you think? Would you be interested in seeing more games like this in your pocket?