Chrono Trigger ads airing in Japan

Two Chrono Trigger DS commercials are airing on Japanese television as of Nov. 12. The first is titled The Gears of Time (above) and intermingles gameplay clips with a clock motif, reminiscent of commercials for the original Super Famicom release. The second (below) is a very tongue in cheek video, entitled 13 Year Reunion. This clip features Chrono (Crono) and the gang reuniting outside of a Super Famicom. They stroll along and exchange pleasantries until a DS comes into view. Eira (Ayla) proclaims, “What’s that white thing? Can I eat it?” Marl (Marle) decides that the DS is interesting and convinces everyone to hop on in. The very end of the clip shows a lonely Maoh (Magus), whining, “Haven’t you forgotten someone?” Hah.

Also, on the game’s official website (in the ‘Download’ section) is a promotion featuring a new character wallpaper each day leading up to the Nov. 20 Japanese release. As of this writing, there are three wallpapers up: one of the cast of heroes, one of Chrono and one of Marl. There’s space (and time) for five more… I’m guessing each main character (including Maoh) will get their own wallpaper.