Dressing up Sackboy just got better

We like to keep the LittleBigPlanet love moving smoothly over here. Sackboy is one of those simple creations that we just can’t get angry at no matter how hard we try. One of the things that Sackboy has that we don’t is impeccable fashion sense. We’ve enjoyed throwing all kinds of clothes on him and watched in awe as he successfully pulled off every potential fashion diaster we could muster. We’ll get another chance with the Nov. 13 PlayStation Store update when we’ll get a few new costumes for Sackboy.

Most of the costumes will cost money with the exception of the Sack-Eating Plant costume which was a SCEE costume design winner. The rest are based on animals such as a shark, frog, guerrilla and penguin. Individually these new costumes will cost $0.99 but we can buy the whole lot for $2.99. There will also be a premium MotorStormer costume (based of MotorStorm) for $1.99.