How much is enough? 101 mini-game collection for DS

Nintendo systems sure have been getting mini-gamed up the wazoo. How many time fillers do we really need? Well, at least one more for the PAL territories with Nordcurrent’s new 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix — a mini-game compilation packed with so much fluff it might explode in downy goodness.

There is a reason that Nintendo systems get so many mini-game collections and that reason is control. What other systems can developers make so many varied types of games trying to keep each one fresh? With the Wii and games like the upcoming Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party players can use button control, motion control and even Balance Board control or a combination of all three. Explosive Megamix plans on using the DS to the fullest. Gamers that checked out the mini-games included in New Super Mario Bros. can see the possibilities with stylus and microphone control.

Developer Nordcurrent has tried to encompass everyone with games ranging from puzzles and mind benders to racing and sports games as well as fast paced shooters. Explosive Megamix will also feature wireless multiplayer for those times that groups of people have only 5 minutes to spare.

Even though there are some great DS games that don’t serve up mini-game only fun (Chrono Trigger for starters), the budget price alone may make this one worth checking out when it drops Nov. 28. At £19.99 it works out to just 20 pence per game.