Huge Fallout 3 statue sold for $2,500

You know the Chinese basketball player Yao Ming? He’s 7′ 6” (2.29 m) tall. He’s got nothing on the Fallout 3 Brotherhood of Steel statue that got sold at an auction for the modest price of $2,500 today. The promotional steel statue is 7′ 11” (2.4 m) tall and weighs in at 126 pounds (55 kg). While it’s not going to stop any bullets, it sure as hell is going to boost your manliness by the thousands (it’s true if we say so.)

As reported by Destructoid, the auction-action was intense at the end, getting gaps at $500, ending on $2,507 after a mere 49 bids. Congratulations to “R.S.”, now the owner of an exclusive 7 feet tall Brotherhood of Steel statue with the weight of an average female. I can’t come up with a better way to spend your money.