Oh no, a drunk driving game

Usually when a game features something as controversial as drunk driving, it usually doesn’t go around boasting about it. Tilt n Twist is not only featuring drunk driving in a game, it’s making a whole title based on it. Humorously titled D.U.I.: The Long Drive Home, we control of Humphrey who is plastered out of his mind. We have to guide him through obstacles such as a field sobriety test, and starting up the car in order to make it back home without waking up his wife Amy.

The game will use EyeMobile technology that sets up a one button tilt and twist gameplay mechanic. It will only be available on mobile phones with improved graphics on VCAST enabled phones. The website even says this game “hits all demographics,” though we don’t think parents will take too kindly to the idea of their child playing a drunk driving simulator on their super powered cell phones.

This is a bold move indeed for Tilt n Twist. Whether the game will be popular enough to attract attention is yet to be seen. So far a release date or compatible phones has not been listed.