Atlus reprints Persona 2, RPG joygasm shakes Earth

With the release of Persona 4 right around the corner, Atlus wants RPG fans to know their precious time belongs to them. A limited reprint of the PSOne classic, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, is available now, exclusively at Amazon US and Amazon Canada for a price that won’t make you eBay that sweet Lunar punching puppet pre-order from way back when. As an added bonus, they’ve included a bonus disc with an anime trailer for Persona 2 and a special video interview with the makers of the game. For those wondering, this entry in the series doesn’t have the feature of shooting yourself in the face that made Persona 3 so awesome. So what if I like games where you shoot yourself in the face? Russian roulette*: Best. Game. Ever.

*don’t ever play Russian Roulette. Stay in school. Don’t drink and blog.