Blizzard is not trying to take your money, may not even know what money is

At BlizzCon this year Blizzard announced that the almost religiously looked forward to game StarCraft II was going to be split up into three separate games. This, of course, ignited a whole slew of angry gamers shouting angry things into their angry keyboards. And why not? From the first looks of it, the idea seems like a simple way to grab everyone’s money, though our boys in the Crossplatform Podcast came to a different conclusion. It seems that their conclusion was correct and that the angry gamers were wrong, if you trust Paul Sams, chief operating officer at Blizzard Entertainment.

Speaking with Sams spoke of how money never even played a part in the decision. “The fact of the matter is, it’s absolutely, positively untrue about us trying to stretch it out and milk it. People think that it was a monetary driven decision. I can absolutely, positively tell you, with 100 percent certainty, that that was not part of the conversation. I guarantee it. I give my word. There was never, ever a conversation where we said, ‘let’s do this because we’re going to make more money’. I guarantee it. As a matter of fact the sole reason we did it was because we thought it was going to be a better experience. Anybody that says otherwise is not correct. It is absolutely not what we did it for.”

Me thinks he doth protest too much. It almost sounds like he’d never even heard of hard currency and if someone gave him a dollar he’d try to eat it or turn it into a paper airplane. Sams also repeated that the reason behind the decision was to get the game out on time without delaying it over and over again and in a manner that let people actually play. Does anyone else get the feeling that it’s actually a little from column A and little from column B?