DS brings the Pain in North America

Gamers that eagerly watch the Japanese scene will be pleased to learn that the previously Japan-only DS hit Lux-Pain, Killaware’s text-based thriller/adventure game, will be making its way to North America in March of next year thanks to Marvelous and Ignition.

The story takes place in a town under a dark sky of unexplained “mishaps” and murders where Silent, an evil worm born through hate and sadness (sounds like The Grudge), crawls into humans and forces them to do unspeakable acts. The game’s protagonist, Atsuki, has lost his parents to the evil and he undergoes a dangerous operation to give him the power of Lux-Pain.

Gameplay in this adventure lies heavily on exploration. Players will have to put their detective skills to work and look to their surroundings and the people they meet to track down Silent. Using the stylus, players will also conduct autopsies and, by using Atsuki’s new psychic powers, will scratch the screen over a character’s body to track down and remove the worm before it reaches their hearts.

Lux-Pain sports the work of Japanese animator Robin Kishiwada, who did the cover illustrations for the Eureka Seven series. The score should also be good with music composed by Kenji Ito, behind the Secret of Mana series, and Yasuyuki Suzuki, who did music for Space Invaders Extreme.

So how’s about it, anyone hyped for this?