EA to launch WiiFit rival

EA’ very own Peter Moore has revealed that the company is preparing to unleash a would-be dethroner of Nintendo’s well received exergame.

EA Sports Active (feel it roll off your tongue) will come equipped with an assortment of peripherals and over 20 sports – along with a calorie counter and fitness programs. The product is set to retail at around $60 and should hit shelves in the spring of 2009.

The comparisons between this title and Wii Fit is undeniable. Speaking to Gamespot, Moore said: “It’s a completely different experience. There’s a different philosophy between the East and West about what fitness means, and Wii Fit does very well with what I’ll call the Eastern philosophy, which is balance and coordination. But you’re rarely in danger of breaking a sweat and getting your heart rate up. It’s just not intended for that. We looked at that when Wii Fit came out and said, ‘How can we be complementary and yet differentiate and be more applicable, if you will, to a Western consumer who looks for a different fitness experience?'”

In the rest of the lengthy interview he comments on the price (notably less than that of its Nintendo based rival) and asserts that players will not need the Wii balance board in order to enjoy this title. Which would defeat the object really…