Have a need for actual speed? D-BOX is bringing gamers one step closer

This is something I would never buy or want, but I’m sure it will make most avid racing gamers salivate like Pavlov’s dog. D-BOX makes big chairs that make you feel like you’re in the game. They tilt and swerve and do all that fun stuff that you wished those cars you plugged quarters into as a kid did, and they do it while you’re playing a videogame. However, it has to be the right videogame, and at the moment the right videogame seems to be Need for Speed Undercover as Black Box has just finished up a deal to put D-BOX’s Motion Code into the game.

This means that any gamer who wants to “experience what it feels like to be in the driver’s seat as cars whip around corners and weave in and out of traffic,” now can. We can’t even imagine that this is truly something that is even going to appeal to 1/1000 of gamers, but as a “hey, check out what our game can do” kind of thing, it’s not to shabby. The price of the whole thing is a bit tricky to find, or maybe it’s just late, but for those who have extra money to spend and a love of Need for Speed this is the way to go I suppose.