Hot Property! – Fallout 3 Survival Edition review (part 1)

Everyone enjoys exclusives, right? When I first heard that Fallout 3 was getting a special “Survival Edition” that included a Pip-Boy 3000 clock, I got pretty flippin’ excited. The least I could do was give Amazon $120 for it.

So, when it finally arrived, I rushed to shred open the packaging and set up my new clock, but then something occurred to me. Not everyone was going to be able to experience the unhinged excitement that I was about to.

That’s when I remembered the sacred oath I took when I became apart of the team here at TVGB:

“Don’t screw up, seriously, you strike me as the kind of person who does things wrong a lot and I don’t want that. Just make some videos. Oh, and take a shower. I can smell your stink. Your life is spiraling out of control and you make me sick.”

I figured I’ve done this once before, so, I’m basically an expert in the art of opening boxes with videogame related materials inside them.

Enjoy the second video of Hot Property! entitled, “Fallout 3 Survival Edition Review (Part 1).”