inFamous hopes size doesn’t matter

I’ve got just one word for you: overcompensation.

In a heartfelt conversation on the edge of Eurogamer’s bed, Sucker Punch creative director Nate Fox sorta came out and said that the company’s upcoming super-dude sandbox game inFamous is going to be more about the motion of the ocean than the size of the ship. Talking up the “quality” over “quantity,” just the way his therapist directed him to, he specifically mentioned two critically-lauded and community-faved games, God of War and Grand Theft Auto IV, which clock in at around seven hours and 30 hours respectively.

“It seems to me that it’s not about length, but about quality,” Fox said. “And because I love both of those games, I hope that developers never try to shoot for a long game, but instead for the most fun they can pack onto the disc – at any length. That’s what we’re doing for inFamous.”

I’ll go ahead and add Uncharted, Heavenly Sword and Assasin’s Creed to the list of PS3 games for whom our time together was brief, but oh so sweet. I’d rather have a shorter game with a polished storyline and exciting gameplay than have to grind my way through some tantric snooze fest, but I still feel I gotta ask, how short are we talkin’ here? ‘Cause I think I see Prototype giving me some serious bedroom eyes from across the bar…