Mario & Luigi’s 3rd RPG will charm us come February ’09

Nintendo has revealed their full game lineup for both the DS and the Wii through the first couple months of 2009. The most notable games on the list include the new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game, Echoes of Time, for both the Wii and DS (Jan. 29), Castlevania: Judgment on Wii (Jan. 15), and…wait for it…Mario & Luigi 3 for DS (Feb. 11th)! Perhaps the strangest (most interesting?) part of the release list is the fact that Nintendo still hasn’t revealed a subtitle for the new Mario RPG. Perhaps it’s just too mind-blowing to reveal to the public. Perhaps the title itself will give away the backstory of Mario’s very existence! Or, perhaps they just haven’t come up with a name yet…yeah, that’s probably it.