Nintendo’s DS busts some sick beats for “The Trio DS-10”

There’s no shortage of trance-tastic YouTube videos for the KORG DS-10, which is basically a complete KORG MS-10 synthesizer and sequencer crammed into a single Nintendo DS cartridge, but leave it to a trio of musical masters to show you how to really rock the party, handheld gaming system style.

Developer AQ Interactive has posted their own video featuring “The Trio DS-10” — composers Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuyoshi Sano, and Michio Okamiya — each using two DS-10’s at once to bust out the blips and bleeps of Chrono Cross‘ “Scars of Time” at the EXTRA: Hyper Game Music Event 2008 in Tokyo.

Now, don’t let these maestros discourage you from picking up this niche-market masterpiece – though the musically-inclined won’t find the learning curve quite so steep, even an amateur can generate cool-sounding retro rhythms using this amazingly layered music creation tool. The KORG DS-10 can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be; the soundboard interface, designed to look like an actual KORG synthesizer keyboard complete with knobs to be turned and cables to be patched, allows you tweak and twist every note yourself or use the generously provided pre-programmed beats. For the truly musically-challenged, it also features a “Chaos Pad” that simply lets you doodle on the touch screen, mapping out corresponding notes on the fly. This game that isn’t a game is, in fact, the ultimate game because unlike Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which can’t really take the rock star wish fulfillment fantasy beyond the confines of your living room, the KORG DS-10 can turn anyone into a professional-sounding musician with just a little bit of time and effort.

On that note, who wants to be in my new band, Flock of DSgulls?