Secret Square-Enix game revealed

Yesterday we brought you news of a bit of a teaser that Square-Enix had put up on their site. Today we learn what it was for, and it is pretty exciting. Far from being a spin-off of Final Fantasy games, the new game, called Blood of Bahamut, is an entirely new RPG from the company, with one of the more intriguing storylines we’ve heard coming out of a eastern RPG in a long time.

The plot involves a world where people have built their cities on the backs of sleeping giants. This doesn’t sound like a very prudent idea to me, and it turns out not to be as the giants wake up and start reeking havoc — probably because there are cities on their backs. Players will take control of a young man (GTFO!) named Ibuki who will fight alongside his childhood friend Yui, who witnessed the awakening of the giant beast. The two live on the back of a giant named Giganto, and thus are considered of to be of the Ginganto race (Gigantoians? Gigantites? Gigantars?). Seems like a pretty fresh take on the whole JRPG and even the artwork looks a bit more original than much of what you see in that genre.

We’ll all have to wait a bit longer for more info on the game. At the moment it looks like it could be arriving on any of the three platforms and is a long way off from being delivered to our hands. Square-Enix has announced that they will reveal more at Japan’s Jump Festa event during the end of December, but the official site will go live on Monday.