Wii Speak Channel will only work with new purchases

The gaming industry has been at clear odds with the pre-owned market. With stores like Gamestop posting record profits on the strength of re-sells, it was only a matter of time before companies started striking back. Add Nintendo to the growing list of companies that are looking for ways to be the sole financial recipients off of their properties, as the company has announced that the Wii Speak Channel will only be available to those who purchase the mic brand new. And there is absolutely no way around this, as Nintendo will not be giving out additional codes for the channel, and you will not be able to purchase it through the Wii Shop Channel.

As of right now there has been no word from Nintendo on whether there will be an alternative solution offered to Wii Speak mics that were purchased used. The safe bet is just to get the mic brand new, after all that’s the only certain way you can be sure to gain access to the Wii Speak Channel and all of the included perks.