CSI: NY cast will be playable in new PC game

Okay, so CSI: NY the videogame probably isn’t at the top of anyone’s list as a buyable game, but with 11.8 million people tuning into the show each week there has to be some gamer fans out there thinking about it. Well, Ubisoft today let out some news that may make some stop thinking and start buying when it releases on Nov. 18. For the first time in the game series history (yes, there are other CSI games) gamers will actually be able to play as the TV show characters.

Actors from the hit show will be lending their voices and likenesses to the game, so finally we get to play as Lieutenant Dan (aka Gary Sinise). The rest of the gang will be there too, ready to take on five original cases by the writers of the TV series.

CSI: NY will have more accessbile gameplay with improved mechanics for conversations, computer use, blood work and more; and it will be sporting a new graphic novel art style. Players will also be able to control interrogations for the first time, using evidence to catch criminals in a lie. There will also be new mini games like code breaking, facial reconstructuring, triangulating shooter locations and other creepy crime scene stuff.