I wanna cook the new Prince of Persia story trailer in a spoon!

The recent deluge of anime-inspired story trailers have completely burned me out, forcing me to lock myself in a room with a bucket, a blanket and the latest issue of US Weekly (There’s no interwebs in my makeshift detox room and I gotta get my daily dose of celebrity gossip. Don’t you dare judge me, Judgey McJudgerson!) until I ride this cartoony crap out of my system.

That being said, this graphic novel-inspired story trailer for Prince of Persia, with its gorgeous artwork, stunning graphics and dreamlike music, might make me relapse. The trailer gives us some background on Elika, the last princess of a once great warrior tribe, as she tells the tale of events that have forced her to plead for help from our princely protagonist. I’ve watched it three times already.

I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be a gateway drug to the hard stuff, like that Dead Space movie.