Street Fighter IV console release date announced

Be excited damn you! Don’t look at me with those judgemental eyes, this game is like the f****ing Holy Grail, except it doesn’t melt your face off. Japan has been enjoying this game since the summer of 2008, and now the western world can get a taste. Capcom finally announced the date that Street Fighter IV will be landing on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in the US. The day that I will lose all contact with the world will be Feb. 17, 2009. Our lads across the Atlantic will be getting it three days later, on Feb 20. That’s the official release date people, so you might want to start practicing your fighting games again. I’m sure your thumbs will appreciate the warning before they are subjected to hours without rest. Oh, and don’t worry PC people, Capcom is still working on a port, but announced that it will be released at a later time.