Take-Two CEO travels to future, returns with Holy Grail

Gaze child into my crystal ball, and witness the future of gaming. No please, ignore the fact that a new Duke Nukem game has yet to be released. Look farther, deeper into the future and you may see the great potential of DLC…and…is that Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick? Yup, it seems that the CEO has foreseen the future of gaming . At the BMO Capital Markets conference this week, Zelnick gazed into the future and predicted the next great business mode for gaming, and apparently found the Holy Grail in the process.

“The Holy Grail is taking a business, already a very large and successful business that’s focused on packaged goods that you sell once … and turning that into a subscription business or a semi subscription business where we have an ongoing relationship with consumers,” he explained to the audience.

Not really a surprise there. That might work, you know, if developers came out with GOOD downloadable content. Thankfully, Zelnick believes that this model applies only to AAA titles, and that “you wouldn’t be able to apply a subscription model to mid tier titles.” Which is good. I don’t want downloadable content for Cooking Mama anyways…

P.S. I’m just kidding Nintendo, please give me new recipes!