Wii’s succesor isn’t coming any time soon

Do you love the Wii’s controls and innovation but wish the darn thing had a little more power? Hoping that since Nintendo underpowered their system in comparison to the 360 and PS3 that they were going to pop another on out relatively quickly in order to catch up? Waiting for the day when you could go out and buy Wii2 (WiiWii)? Well don’t hold your breathe or you’ll die a terrible and painful death from suffocation. Speaking with Rueters Reggie Fils-Aime has pretty much stated that as long as the Wii is making money their won’t be a new system — of course he words it a bit differently.

We will consider the launch of new consoles when we have got great new entertaining ideas that can only be done with a new console. As we sit here today the Wii console has a long run ahead of it, (the DS too),” he said after commenting that the only reason Nintendo develops new consoles “is to bring great new entertainment ideas to life.” I’m not really bored with my Wii yet and am looking forward to finally having a console that may be around long enough to have two Zelda games released on it so no disappointment here. The real question is if Nintendo is going to fall in line with the other consoles new system cycles or if they’re selling so well that they won’t care what Sony and Microsoft does.

Anyway, we all know that in some back room in Nintendo home base they started working on ideas for the next system the day the Wii launched. As we’ve said many times before, the guys at Nintendo are not idiots.